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As in the movie ‘Finding Nemo,’ fish can be a pretty peaceful view for some. It could also easily become playthings to be tinkered with for others.

As for the propagation of a breed, you need to know the right factors for fish to breed. Most specimens can already reproduce right after birth. However, we believe here at RCT that for fish to breed properly, they must reach a certain age. They should also be raised in an environment conducive for breeding and for the survival of their spawn—an environment that we take great care to create and even greater care to preserve, even in captivity.

We hope our clients and customers also take great care into making sure of this. Some species mate through the use of their fins—some of them lay eggs. These methods require different spawning methods but need the same spawning grounds. We can only suggest methods and hope that our customers and clients understand the need of their pets to breed properly.

As much as fish can be bred for profit, we believe you should only breed them for the survival of the species. Natural conditions and their original environment are still the best spawning grounds we can give them. Therefore, as much as RCT can, we encourage our customers to leave wild breeds alone and invest in captive breeds, which we take great care in creating.

Try out our saltwater breeds and see if you can propagate their captive breeding yourself. Leave the wild fish in the wild, if you can.