Best Choices: How to Pick Fish for your new Aquarium

featured4 - Best Choices: How to Pick Fish for your new Aquarium

It never is an easy task filling your aquarium with fish. There are a few things you have to remember; you have to find fish that will fit in your aquarium, whatever size it is. You have to find fish that won’t fight with the specimens that you have in mind. You also have to consider the space available in your aquarium so it doesn’t feel overcrowded.

That’s only a few of the things you’re going to make room for. You can buy them in a store or online, but you’ll have to figure out what kind of fish you need with these tips.

Are they going to get big?

When you buy a fish tank, buy it for the future; know which size your fish will get. Freshwater fish usually are small, but some species grow big; at the same time, most saltwater fish grow big but there are specimens that remain small. Buy for your fish tank and you’ll have less problems trying to fit everyone in your fish tank.

Will they feed on others or are they aggressive?

You should have a basic idea of your fish breeds. Some of them may be territorial but that doesn’t mean they’re aggressive; they might just prefer a specific part of your fish tank. Some are not territorial, but they become aggressive and see other fish as food or enemies. If you have these specimens, learn to separate them from the rest of the group.

Will they be territorial?

Some fish get really picky about their space. These fish are the ones you should avoid putting into a shared tank; they’ll do everything they can to avoid others encroaching on their territory. Some fish will try to fight with other fish. You’re lucky, however, if you get a species that can co-exist with others even with their space invaded. Try to find those kinds of specimens.

Are they natural herbivores?

There are fish that live off of fish feeds and there are others who prefer to eat algae. There are also the fish breeds that prefer to nibble off live seaweeds. If you see this kind of behavior with your fish, you should try to keep them together with fresh plants. Avoid keeping them with invertebrates though! That is a recipe for disaster, especially if you have a saltwater aquarium.

Have they been raised in captivity or not?

When you buy fish from the pet store, you’ll be told about the specifics of their breeding; whether they bred in-store or bought from a supplier and caught in the wild. Those bred in captivity are good for beginners, but be ready if you buy those captured in the wild; they might prove to be a handful.

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