Reproduction of the Species

Breeding and reproducing fish is a task that’s at times best left to the professionals. We here at RCT believe that fish aren’t just pets; they’re also creatures with feelings that we need to consider. They are specimens that we, as humans, need to protect as well.

There are a lot of factors that goes into the cultivation of a captive species. Some of these may include the reproduction of their conditions in the wild, for a successful breeding program. That’s not to mention finding out what they eat on a daily basis; the prime conditions for them to breed as we want them to; and the conditions that are ‘just right’ for them to thrive in their new environment, even in captivity.

Breeds like goldfish and koi aren’t saltwater fish but we should consider their plight as well. Saltwater and freshwater species differ in need, but they’re both specimens that require the same amount of preservation and the same dedication to propagate properly as well.

From the proper way of making these fish breed to the optimal conditions for them to live comfortably, we are dedicated toward making sure that these fish get their best chance at survival. We don’t just breed fish for the heck of it. Spawning stock should be of sufficient level and wild species that are endangered should be kept in the wild; if not, we do our best to keep them thriving even in captivity for a later time when we re-introduce some back into the wild.

RCT is dedicated not only for the benefit of the customer but for the planet as well.