Raising Angelfish: Rare Color Types of Angelfish for your Aquarium

featured5 - Raising Angelfish: Rare Color Types of Angelfish for your Aquarium

A nice, calming hobby would be to raise fish. Watching them swim around makes you thing about life without worries, without deadlines to chase and work to finish. Another worthwhile pastime would be to raise these fish without buying; breeding fish can be both entertaining and fulfilling as well as a way you can save on buying fish specimens.

If you want to get different color Angelfish—a popular breed—you can do it by following a few of these tips.

1/Create a spawning ground

You have to separate the small fish from your main group. You know the saying that ‘there’s always a bigger fish?’ In this case, that’s true. Fish tends to cannibalize the little ones when they spring from their sacs. If you want to get a whole school of fish bred in captivity, choose a spawning ground for your fish. This will be helpful in getting grown-up captive fish.

2/Induce the environment for spawning

Pull all the stops in creating the spawning ground. Give your fingerlings a fighting chance with a properly pH balanced spawning ground. Sponge filters are also required to sift out excess ammonia or nitrites in the water. Just like in nurseries, you also need heaters in the water to keep the water at a temperature your angelfish brood will thrive in.

3/Pick your pair

It’s finally time to pick your mates! As a rule of thumb, the best pairs to get are from three to six. It’s hard to find out the sex of fish; with an amount like stated, you’re assured of at least one pair in the brood. You’ll know when they’re beginning to do some miracle in the water—they’ll be drifting off from the main group and will begin to show signs of being territorial.

4/Make your pair acquainted

Separate your pair from the main group. This is to make sure that when it’s finally time to breed, they aren’t laying eggs in the main tank. When you’ve separated your mated pair, start feeding them heavily than you usually feed your group. Feeding them more than three times a day is a great way of getting angelfish to breed.

5/Raise your fingerlings

You should watch your spawning tank for signs of eggs. When you see the eggs, check your angelfish. If they aren’t doing a process called airing—fanning the eggs with their fins—you need to do it manually by turning the egg slate; keep at it until you finally see the wriggling fingerlings. It takes about three to four days after the eggs are laid for them to come out and another five to see them swimming in the water.

Raising your own angelfish is a sure-fire way of lessening the stress of finding fish that will populate your aquarium. With the right application, you may even start a fish-selling business of your own!

info2 - Raising Angelfish: Rare Color Types of Angelfish for your Aquarium
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